Of Guys & Birds

Some guys,
they act like they’ve been a – living
in a world where all the birdies
were singing
the same song.

They don’t know they’re wrong.
They don’t know a thing about us.

Eastern Rosellas and
Ravens and Pigeons
and Sparrows and Golden Conure…

That one’s a crow, and that one’s canary
the other’s a peach-faced lovebird.

That rainbow lorikeet who walked through your door –
is different from that flamingo that you know.
The one flying high in your mind is a crane –
She can’t be compared to anyone else.

Some guys
they act like they’ve been a-looking
for a bird when all they want is a woman
with the same song
as somebody else
that they knew once.

They don’t know a thing about us.

Dark Is The Night

Dark is the night
for the eyes that don’t glow.
In the absence of light,
all you have is your soul.
If it’s hopeless,
then daybreak
is too far away.
If there’s hope,
you’ll know morning
will come anyway.

Strawberry Waves & A Red Painted Smile

“What can you see
when you think of me older?
Will I grow colder, Will I be wild?”
I can see you my dear,
as clear as a crystal
with strawberry waves
and a red painted smile
You said it sounded
like a beautiful dream.
I can see you as fiery
As the wings of a seraphim –
Strawberry waves
and a red painted smile
coffee past midnight,
impeccable style.