A man takes strides
To pave the way
for the future –

But his yesterday
as a butcher
rears its bloody head
as a tumor

That wants to
see him

There’s a humor to it
When all is said and done,

He’s the loser
In the spiderweb
he spun.

It’s a suture
On a fested wound
That’s sprung

When the rooster
That he thought
he killed one dawn

one morning:

“Now…I come for YOU.”

Strawberry Waves & A Red Painted Smile

“What can you see
when you think of me older?
Will I grow colder, Will I be wild?”
I can see you, my dear,
as clear as a crystal
with strawberry waves
and a red painted smile.
You said it sounded
like a beautiful dream.
I can see you as fiery
As the wings of a seraphim –
Strawberry waves
and a red painted smile
coffee past midnight,
impeccable style.