Sweet talkers…

I never bet on pretty words.
Believe in half of what I hear.
What you say won’t move me, dear.
It’s what you do, so there.

Save the sugar for a cake.
Don’t sprinkle it,
don’t spill,
don’t waste.

The best things in this life are free.
I can’t afford sweet talkers.


You put a brick inside my mouth
And threw me in the ground,
Hoping I would never
Come around again.

Put a sickle
Round my neck,
And prayed to God
That I stay dead…

But I’m awake
And I remember

Dark Is The Night…

Dark is the night
for the eyes that don’t glow.
In the absence of light,
all you have is your soul.
If it’s hopeless,
then daybreak
is too far away.
If there’s hope,
you’ll know morning
will come anyway.

Strawberry Waves & A Red Painted Smile

“What can you see
when you think of me older?
Will I grow colder, Will I be wild?”
I can see you my dear,
as clear as a crystal
with strawberry waves
and a red painted smile

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She is…

The fog in my energy,
the breath on my skin.
The more I peel her away from me,
She finds her way in.
Becomes the stitches around the heart
I wear upon my sleeve.
My undesired, uninvited;
My sweet relief.

Prickly Seed…

Some people like drama.
It’s stuck to their karma
Like sticky burr clinging on to their sweater.

They pick it right off,
And throw them at others…
Because “Fuck you!”

That’s why.

“You don’t matter.”


As sure as there’s a gap
between the ice and raging sea,
There’s no denying there’s a gap
between us, you and me.