Taming My Tongue

It’s hard to write a love song
When my heart is caving in.

I think of you
and all I wanna do
Is eat my pen.

Oh, one thing I can do
Is give it straight
But then again –

An angry tongue
Commands no passion
It goes too far with them.

Your storms unearth
old shipwrecks in me.

I’ve sailed these seas before.

For what, I can’t recall.
I guess it’s time I hit the shores.

I’m heavy with some loaded words
That won’t see light of day

The Obamas say
“If they go low, we go high.”

I go away.

Sweet talkers

I never bet on pretty words.
Believe in half of what I hear.
What you say won’t move me, dear.
It’s what you do, so there.

Save the sugar for a cake.
Don’t sprinkle it,
don’t spill,
don’t waste.

The best things in this life are free.
I can’t afford sweet talkers.


What do you want.