Sweet talkers…

I never bet on pretty words.
Believe in half of what I hear.
What you say won’t move me, dear.
It’s what you do, so there.

Save the sugar for a cake.
Don’t sprinkle it,
don’t spill,
don’t waste.

The best things in this life are free.
I can’t afford sweet talkers.

This love is…

I wake up to the view of a sleepy city,
Morning skies of pink and purple.
Snow is blue, and orange lights are pretty.
I taste the air of waking up with you…

Like cinnamon on coffee, cream and sugar
Too hot to swallow but I won’t spit you out.
Burn my tongue on my new favourite flavour.
Love is pain and sweet, without a doubt.

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You put a brick inside my mouth
And threw me in the ground,
Hoping I would never
Come around again.

Put a sickle
Round my neck,
And prayed to God
That I stay dead…

But I’m awake
And I remember

Just an opinion…

It’s just an opinion
With no basis in fact
A mind numbing view
Of a book you’ve not read
You can share all your theories
With your friends and your pets.
They’ll just be opinions
With no basis in fact.
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My Cold Heart & Its tender centre…

My cold heart and its tender centre
Gets me through all kinds of weather.
It gets me through the sunshine and rain.

It picks me up when I am down
It turns my smile into a frown
It beats so loud, I cannot hear my brain.
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Quiet Ones…

Quiet souls observe the sounds that ears do not allow.
They often know what’s being said
Behind all things said out loud…
By listening to the corners of a smile,
And to the style of words,
Through speech and diction –
Decipher lies and catch
glimpses of the truth.

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Old Faith…

I was born asleep
into the land of sheep,
Where God was King and
was in His Holy keep.
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