This love is…

I wake up to the view of a sleepy city,
Morning skies of pink and purple.
Snow is blue, and orange lights are pretty.
I taste the air of waking up with you…

Like cinnamon on coffee, cream and sugar
Too hot to swallow but I won’t spit you out.
Burn my tongue on my new favourite flavour.
Love is pain and sweet, without a doubt.

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Prickly Seed…

Some people like drama.
It’s stuck to their karma
Like sticky burr clinging on to their sweater.

They pick it right off,
And throw them at others…
Because “Fuck you!”

That’s why.

“You don’t matter.”

Through The Cracks…

Just wait and see
When springtime comes –
Out of concrete darling,
Flowers bloom
Through the cracks.

Difficult Roads…

Not everything in life is a lesson
And sometimes shit happens,
And it doesn’t make you a better person.
There are difficult roads to sweet destinations,
And some difficult roads lead to ruin.




I fear death so,
I sometimes forget:
It is for every phobia –
an expiration date.


As sure as there’s a gap
between the ice and raging sea,
There’s no denying there’s a gap
between us, you and me.


Hands were made before knives;
And the heart – before hands.