This love is…

I wake up to the view of a sleepy city,
Morning skies of pink and purple.
Snow is blue, and orange lights are pretty.
I taste the air of waking up with you…

Like cinnamon on coffee, cream and sugar
Too hot to swallow but I won’t spit you out.
Burn my tongue on my new favourite flavour.
Love is pain and sweet, without a doubt.

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All Of It, Fireworks…

I don’t need heaven.
This world is enough.
Some say everything here
Was made just for us –
From the kindness of strangers
To the hardest of blows…
All that we steal, get, give,
All that we throw.


You’ve got a secret smile
While I’ve got a secret mind.
You’re steady as a tree
And I crash just like the sea.
Through storms and brighter days,
And our ever changing ways.
In every step of the way, I find
I’ve got all of you.
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She is…

The fog in my energy,
the breath on my skin.
The more I peel her away from me,
She finds her way in.
Becomes the stitches around the heart
I wear upon my sleeve.
My undesired, uninvited;
My sweet relief.

While We Are Here…

We cannot be immortal.
So, let us be unearthly,
With an air of sweet forever.

We cannot be immortal
So let us be exquisite.
Let us be ourselves
While we are here.


If you were a TV character – you’d be my favourite.
But if you were a show – I’d quit you.

Because I’ve seen it before.
I know how it goes…

and I am not interested in the end.

Pittsburgh Rare…

Scorched skin,bleeding heart
This is what your love made me:
Black and blue
like a Pittsburgh Rare.
How dare you, man.
How dare.