Sweet talkers…

I never bet on pretty words.
Believe in half of what I hear.
What you say won’t move me, dear.
It’s what you do, so there.

Save the sugar for a cake.
Don’t sprinkle it,
don’t spill,
don’t waste.

The best things in this life are free.
I can’t afford sweet talkers.


You’ve got a secret smile
While I’ve got a secret mind.
You’re steady as a tree
And I crash just like the sea.
Through storms and brighter days,
And our ever changing ways.
In every step of the way, I find
I’ve got all of you.
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As sure as there’s a gap
between the ice and raging sea,
There’s no denying there’s a gap
between us, you and me.

Meeting You Again…

I know you like we’ve met before,
two thousand years ago or so…
I can always see your soul inside.

We’re different in many ways
The way we move through time and space
But there’s a twin vibration in our eyes. Read More