Pittsburgh Rare

Scorched skin,
bleeding heart
This is what your love made me:
Black and blue
like a Pittsburgh Rare.
How dare you, man.
How dare.


A hug before you go
Although –
we can’t keep an embrace.


There’s Something About You

Birds can fly, for they have wings.
The ones who can’t – do other things.

We’re not made for everything,
But we all do one thing best.


Through The Cracks

Just wait and see
When springtime comes –
Out of concrete darling,
Flowers bloom Continue reading “Through The Cracks”


Last Night

Last night I dreamed I found you
In the heart of Monte-Carlo… Continue reading “Last Night”


Difficult Roads

Not everything in life is a lesson
And sometimes shit happens,
And it doesn’t make you a better person.
There are difficult roads to sweet destinations,
And some difficult roads lead to ruin.





photo by: veeterzy


I’ll be the patron saint of whatever you want.
Yours is the only prayer I can hear.


A Natural Progression

The little girl who imagined too often,
became the woman who worried too much.






I fear death so,
I sometimes forget:
It is for every phobia –
an expiration date.



As sure as there’s a gap
between the ice and raging sea,
There’s no denying there’s a gap
between us, you and me.


This Is How I know I Love You:

I give you my heart,
And I know you can break it
But trust that you won’t anyway.