You’ve got a secret smile
While I’ve got a secret mind.
You’re steady as a tree
And I crash just like the sea.
Through storms and brighter days,
And our everchanging ways.
In every step of the way, I find
I’ve got all of you.

From milk to whiskey sour,
Bedtime and happy hour…
From crayons to tattoos…
We grew up out of the blue.
Through stresses and progresses
And different town addresses…
In every step of the way, I find
I’ve got all of you.

I know the laugh to cling to,
When feeling sad and blue.
The sense you talk me into,
When I’m a rusty screw.
When leaning heavy over,
I know I’ve got your shoulders too.
In every step of the way, I find
I’ve got all of you.

My Heart Is My Home

I don’t have a heart
That yearns to be conquered.
Unless it’s a prize,
Nobody can “win it”.

I don’t give it away
And I never surrender
When all love is lost,
I don’t lose myself.

My Heart Is My Home.
I welcome you into it.
Betray me, and I
Will kick you back out.

The man that I love
Knows I have a fortress.
He never attempted to tear down my walls.
Instead he knocked gently,
And waited for welcome.


I gave him a copy
of the keys to my home.



I like to believe I can live
in a world of my own,
in my head, all alone,
but I know if I leave,

I’ll be leaving you lonely.

And with you
I am here.
I am clear.

I am aware of your stare when
I speak as though you can read my mind…
I’m trying to make perfect sense.

With your patience,
I know that I can.

It’s good to have steady hands holding my strings,
whenever I become a kite in the wind.

For once in my life I am certain
That it’s gonna be alright.

I love you,
I know it deep down in my soul…
So I’ve been working some damage control
on the holes in my head,
I don’t take them to bed
I don’t sleep with my ghosts anymore.

I sleep with you.


She is the fog in my energy,
the breath on my skin.
The more I peel her away from me,
She finds her way in.
Becomes the stitches around the heart
I wear upon my sleeve.
My undesired, uninvited;
My sweet relief.


We fall in love with skies,
even though they change and leave.
The next day, a brand new painting
With different color schemes.
So we take a picture,
maybe two or four,
Or more…
We forgive the fickle skies,
But we hate the folks who go.
No one is ever meant for you.
We’re all just passing through.
You have no claim on anyone.
But if you think you do,
Remember that even skies move on.
It’s an age-old testimony
That presents one FACT:

You’re wrong.


A Slow Goodbye

The moon that day was a work of art;
A perfect half of light and dark
That rose at noon, and for hours after that,
Shared the heavens with the sun. Continue reading “A Slow Goodbye”


While We Are Here

We cannot be immortal.
So, let us be unearthly,
With an air of sweet forever.

We cannot be immortal
So let us be exquisite.
Let us be ourselves
While we are here.

Prickly Seed

Some people like drama
It’s stuck to their karma
Like sticky burr clinging on to their sweater. Continue reading “Prickly Seed”



He told her that he’ll leave
to fight and fend
like all the other men.

Inside, he knows himself that
not all men must fight to fend.

They leave to fight.
They follow the sound –
The sounds of sirens
Calling out and
when they sing, they beckon.

Not all men
who fight to fend
go out to fend –

They fight.

They fight because they know they can
And for that, they love the war;
A mistress some would gladly leave
their wives and husbands for.

She tells them they are worthy
Like no other lover can
with a voice that even steals
the ones who will only fight

To fend.

photo by: Chevanon Photography

If you were a TV character – you’d be my favourite.
But if you were a show – I’d quit you.

Because I know how it’ll start,
and I know how you’ll go…

and I am not interested in the end.


These bricks will turn to dust
And behind every rusty nail upon the walls

I see you.

These doors will soon be closed,
Our things all soon disposed of…
But in the cracks of every corner

I see you.

This place will soon be haunted
By the ghosts of who we were and,
All will be forgotten.

All but you.


Your heart may feel lost
And at times may feel broken.
But it can never be empty…
Just overflowing.