My Cold Heart & Its Tender Centre

My cold heart and its tender center
Gets me through all kinds of weather.
It gets me through the sunshine and rain.

It picks me up when I am down
It turns my smile into a frown
It beats so loud, I cannot hear my brain.

It waxes and it wanes, and then,
builds my house, and burns it down
It’s not a friend and the best damn confidante.

It wakes me up, it snoozes me,
It pumps me pain and ecstasy,
It keeps me warm and freezes my hell over.

It brings the troubles, smooths the sand,
Punches me and lends a hand,
It fucks me up and fucks me good,
And then…

It lies to me and spits the truth,
So refined until uncouth,
It does until it doesn’t do
And then…

It opens doors and slams them shut.
It knows jack shit and knows what’s what.
It knows I’m good as gold and dark as sin.

All the bad I’ll ever do,
Will be on purpose, no excuses.
Only reasons here, and good ones too.

All the good I’ll ever do
Will be on purpose, no excuses.
Only reasons – bad and foolish too.

It knows me, and I know it well.
It gives me light and gives me hell.
It stirs the pot and keeps the peace,
And, well…

It beats the rhythm I adhere to,
The only rhythm that I hear.
My dear heart, thank you so, my sweet.
Also, heart – Fuck you.

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