Quiet Ones

Quiet souls observe the sounds that ears do not allow.
They often know what’s being said
Behind all things said out loud…
By listening to the corners of a smile,
And to the style of words,
Through speech and diction –
Decipher lies and catch
glimpses of the truth.

By listening to the empty lines between remarks –
smell sparks of anger, the scent of kindness,
Or the well-known
of a lame excuse.

The quiver of a bottom lip,
The index finger pointing straight,
The gaze cast down at itchy feet,
The hug that warms the soul…
Quiet souls
will catch the hurt,
will catch the blues,
Will feel the love,
the hues
of sunshine in the best of news…
And blackness in the worst.

Sense the distance,
Take the hint
without assuming,
Guess correctly
secrets hidden far from view –
and leave them be.

What words cannot express,
we paint with just a subtle sigh.
What words cannot express,
we paint with twitches of our eyes.
What words cannot express
our bodies always find
another way to speak them.

They pour out of our skins,
and quiet ones will

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