After Hours

At sixes and sevens,
At eight and at nine…
See you close to midnight.
Quick fixes and heaven,
It’s late, we don’t mind.
We’re lonely, so we go for a ride.

When night starts to creep,
It’s the hour to haunt.
The living’s asleep,
They don’t know of our jaunts.
We meet under streetlights
By roads like a tomb
And practise our secret knocks
For secret rooms.

But I’ve…

Been missing the sun now
Too long in the dark
Am I an owl or a morning lark?
Been dreaming too often,
I want to wake up.
Thirsty long after I’ve emptied my cup.

Give me the break of day,
Breakfast and life.
Goodnight my nocturnal friends,
You’ve been kind.
Thank you for all of the sweet memories.
Hoping with all my heart, you find your peace.