Tabby talks a lot about
the people that she knows;
About how they walk and talk,
and how they go about their lives.

About what they wear and do,
about their husbands and their wives…

Tabby talks ‘cos empty vessels
make the loudest noise.

“Did you know?” she’ll ask me,
then she’ll go at it for days.
“Did you know?” she’ll ask,
and then she’ll fill me in, ‘cos hey,-

What she knows is all she knows.
it occupies her mind.
Tabby talks because she does
too very little with her time.

Tabby talks a great game
yet her follow up is weak.
She looks for faults
like God finds sinners.

Everyone’s a freak.

She talks about me too,
to all the hungry ears she feeds.
It’s true that empty minds aren’t open.
And hers is fast asleep.