Small Town City Girl

The city girl in me,
she wants to play,
she wants to see
the pretty,
lambent neon lights,
the wide-awake
in dead of night,

the distant crooning
of a saxophone, the
sound of traffic,
buzz and tone of
bright and graphic
Signs advising me to
buy, buy, buy.

I love it when
nobody cares about
my hair, the way I dress,
the way I make
a mighty mess –
of things – they know:
Nobody’s perfect.

All eyes turned
to something else
Somewhere, because
life’s so much bigger,
Than the things
your next-door-neighbour
did last Saturday.

The city girl in me,
She wants to live
a life in motion,
Wants to dive
into the ocean
Of the pretty,
lambent neon lights…

The open after hours,
gleaming heights of
mighty towers looking down
on everything.
The yellow skies
for noisy evenings.

The city girl in me,
She wonders what
the hell I’m doing
In a small town, stuck
Inside the mouths
And on the tongues
Of nosy strangers.

Where life stands still
past four pm, and kids
drive aimlessly in circles,
back and forth –
Too cool because they’ve got a car
But never dare
leave town.

I’m gone.

photo by: xavier portela