Ask some folks
to tell you what they hate
about yourself, and you could get
a list so long, its heavy weight
could leave you deaf,
and numb and blind
to all the good you
want to find
within your soul
before you’re old…Β 

never mind
their words.
It all depends
on who you’re asking.

Some will ask
you to be different;
“Different” means the same as them.
The ones who truly
want your best would
tell you to be BETTER.

Some will beg
you not to change,
when change for you
would do you grand.
The ones who truly
Want your change would
Tell you why it matters.

Whether restless or at rest
Not all eyes can see your best.
Not all tongues can find the words
When naming what you’re worth.

Be strong, be bold
Be kind, be true
Be everything you wanted to.
But most important of them all:

Be you.
Be you.
Be you.

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