Speak to me the words that I crave
as much as rain after a heatwave.
Tell me I’m strong, remind me I’m brave,
Speak to me tenderly, so I don’t cave.

It’s time for something other than mean.
Speak to me, in a voice serene
Like pardon for a grievous sin…
I need it, man, all over my skin.

Speak to me kind- I’m in need of care,
in a tone so fine like baby hair,
As sweet and gentle as a prayer…
I need it man, and it’s time to play fair.

Speak to me light, like a kite on a string.
Like winter fading into spring.
Thank you, now and please, I think…
Just something darling, for the bee sting.

Like smoke rising from a warm fire,
Speak to me kindly, show me desire.
Are you as fluent in the language of love,
As you are in the tongue of a natural liar?

Speak to me easy now, let us not brawl.
We’re stuck out at sea and in need of landfall,
Yet far from the worst things that could befall…
So speak to me tender, or say nothing at all.

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