Difficult Roads


Not everything in life is a lesson
And sometimes shit happens,
And it doesn’t make you a better person.
There are difficult roads to sweet destinations,
And some difficult roads lead to ruin.

I am a firm believer in luck. Not the supernatural interpretations of luck, but happenstance. A man can toil his whole life at perfecting his work. Spend decades honing his craft to make something worth a damn.

He can create something profound, get caught in a storm a day prior to revealing his creation to the masses at a life-changing exhibition.
Have his life’s work destroyed.
Lose an arm in the process.

Find himself in a brand new situation.
A new unknown territory.
A chance to start again or a grave to bury himself in.

We lose some, we win some.
We find loose change in the street, we lose our wallet.
We can try our hardest and still fail.
We can do absolutely nothing particularly noteworthy for most of our lives, suddenly strike it lucky and be remembered for all time like the great Charles Bukowski.

C’est la vie.
And we march on.

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