The Absentee


By candlelight she told me:
“Once I was an absentee.
Society was always them.
It was always “them” not me.
The world was always outside,
And I was outside, looking in.
Never felt myself included
Or part of anything.”

I said,- “I know the feeling.”

I know the feeling.
How about you?
Of course, you know.
Why wouldn’t you?
Of course, you’ve felt it too.

We’re underdogs,
And freaks, and weirdos…
Strangers to our time.
Strangers to ourselves and others,
Neither fancy nor sublime.

Of course, you’ve said “SOCIETY”
Like they were empty shells.
Of course, you’ve used words
Like “them” and “everybody else”.

By candlelight, she smiled and said:

But here’s the biggest twist;
When you remove yourself from “them”…
It means you don’t exist.
So…do you not exist to you?
Because you exist to me.
You think you are an absentee?

You are society.



photo by: Kaique Rocha