Of God

For every creature, big or small –
There is a God that rules us all.

For some, God is the Earth & Sky,
For some, God is the seed of rye,
For some, God is the wind and sea,
For some, God is in you and me

For some, God is the facts of science,
For some, God cannot be defined.

Some ask God to grant good health,
Some speak to God and pray for death,
Some beg for God to spare their lives,
Some pray for husbands, some for wives,
Some ask the Saints to intercede,
While others pray for souls in need.

For some, God is the one to blame,
For some, God brings no hurt or pain,

For some, God is the reason to
Cause hurt upon the others who
Do not believe the same as them,
Because they think them vile and damned.

Some pray to God by lighting candles,
some kneel, some stand, some remove sandals.
Some may chant, while some keep silent
To some – God’s peaceful,
To others – violent.

For some, God is all gods that be,
Because by faith, was taught – believe.
Ganesha, Buddha, Akal Purakh,
Osiris, Allah, Bhagavan,
Abadeh, Abi-Anjaam,
Jesus Christ and Meng Po Niang,
mother, daughter, father, son,
Sister, brother, everyone…

Money, beauty, peace or guns,
Law and justice, hot cross buns,
free wifi, fresh coffee beans,
heroin or ketamine…

For some, God is in everything,
In spells, in prayers, in a crucifix,
In great minds and in lunatics,
control or freedom, racism,
diversity, in feminism,
in logic, creativity,
silence or festivity,
warm fuzzy socks on Christmas Day,
In flowers on the first of May…


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