Meeting You Again

I know you like we’ve met before,
two thousand years ago or so…
I can always see your soul inside.

We’re different in many ways
The way we move through time and space
But there’s a twin vibration in our eyes.

And over seas and waterfalls,
Through desert plains and modern halls,
I hear the echo of your voice so plain.

It’s like we’ve walked this earth before,
In love, in war and so much more;
If so, I’m glad I’m meeting you again.

Parts of who we used to be,
contained in two anatomies…
Can you recall the names we had back then?

And did we walk with beggars or with kings, your majesty?
Does it mean a thing, this time
My friend?

Let all trees and sand, and stone,
And muscle, tears and blood and bone
Bear witness to your holy brand new face!

It’s like we’ve walked this earth before;
I recognize your inner core.
If so, I’m glad I’m meeting you again.

Then over worlds and stars aligned
I’ll travel with you far in time
To where I’ll hear your voice again, so plain.

You’ll call to me, I’ll call to you
We’ll be as one, again, we two…
If so, I’m glad I’ll meet you once again.



photo by: luizclas