Quiet Ones

Quiet souls observe the sounds that ears do not allow.
They often know what’s being said
Behind all things said out loud…
By listening to the corners of a smile,
And to the style of words,
Through speech and diction –
Decipher lies and catch
glimpses of the truth.

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The Slumber Games

Every now and then, I remember an old unpleasant dream I had, a year and a half ago. Whenever the memory of it pays a call on my mind, I ask myself why. Why, of all the dreams I’ve ever had, this one has stuck with me like tar to feathers? So, without further ado, I share:

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Old Faith

I was born asleep
into the land of sheep,
Where God was King and
was in His Holy keep.

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After Hours

At sixes and sevens,
At eight and at nine…
See you close to midnight.
Quick fixes and heaven,
It’s late, we don’t mind.
We’re lonely, so we go for a ride.

When night starts to creep,
It’s the hour to haunt.
The living’s asleep,
They don’t know of our jaunts.
We meet under streetlights
By roads like a tomb
And practise our secret knocks
For secret rooms.

But I’ve…

Been missing the sun now
Too long in the dark
Am I an owl or a morning lark?
Been dreaming too often,
I want to wake up.
Thirsty long after I’ve emptied my cup.

Give me the break of day,
Breakfast and life.
Goodnight my nocturnal friends,
You’ve been kind.
Thank you for all of the sweet memories.
Hoping with all my heart, you find your peace.


Small Town City Girl

The city girl in me,
she wants to play,
she wants to see
the pretty,
lambent neon lights,
the wide-awake
in dead of night,

the distant crooning
of a saxophone, the
sound of traffic,
buzz and tone of
bright and graphic
Signs advising me to
buy, buy, buy.

I love it when
nobody cares about
my hair, the way I dress,
the way I make
a mighty mess –
of things – they know:
Nobody’s perfect.

All eyes turned
to something else
Somewhere, because
life’s so much bigger,
Than the things
your next-door-neighbour
did last Saturday.

The city girl in me,
She wants to live
a life in motion,
Wants to dive
into the ocean
Of the pretty,
lambent neon lights…

The open after hours,
gleaming heights of
mighty towers looking down
on everything.
The yellow skies
on noisy evenings…

photo by: xavier portela

Dark Is The Night

Dark is the night
for the eyes that don’t glow.
In the absence of light,
all you have is your soul.
If it’s hopeless,
then daybreak
is too far away.
If there’s hope,
you’ll know morning
will come anyway.

Strawberry Waves & A Red Painted Smile

“What can you see
when you think of me older?
Will I grow colder, Will I be wild?”
I can see you my dear,
as clear as a crystal
with strawberry waves
and a red painted smile
You said it sounded
like a beautiful dream.
I can see you as fiery
As the wings of a seraphim –
Strawberry waves
and a red painted smile
coffee past midnight,
impeccable style.

For You.

Ask some folks
to tell you what they hate
about yourself, and you could get
a list so long, its heavy weight
could leave you deaf,
and numb and blind
to all the good you
want to find
within your soul
before you’re old… 

never mind
their words.
It all depends
on who you’re asking.

Some will ask
you to be different;
“Different” means the same as them.
The ones who truly
want your best would
tell you to be BETTER.

Some will beg
you not to change,
when change for you
would do you grand.
The ones who truly
Want your change would
Tell you why it matters.

Whether restless or at rest
Not all eyes can see your best.
Not all tongues can find the words
When naming what you’re worth.

Be strong, be bold
Be kind, be true
Be everything you wanted to.
But most important of them all:

Be you.
Be you.
Be you.


All Of It, Fireworks

I don’t need heaven.
This world is enough.
Some say everything here
Was made just for us –
From the kindness of strangers
To the hardest of blows…
All that we steal, get, give,
All that we throw.

Oh, I don’t need hell.
This world is enough.
Some say everything here
Is cold, wild and rough
From the blood that we spill
To the love we let go
All that we steal, get, give
All that we throw.

All of it fireworks
Oh what a show
All that we question
And all that we know
All of it fireworks
Oh what a show
All that we steal, get, give
All that we throw.

I don’t need dreaming.
This world is enough.
The fact is: art imitates
Life’s smallest stuff…
From the saddest goodbye
To the warmest hello
And all that we steal, get, give
All that we throw.

picture by: snapwire

A Fearsome Thing

I raged like a bear in a cage
With my brain like a warplane,
Heart like the devil in chains. Continue reading “A Fearsome Thing”



Speak to me the words that I crave
as much as rain after a heat wave.
Tell me I’m strong, remind me I’m brave,
Speak to me tender, so I don’t cave.

It’s time for something other than mean.
Speak to me, in a voice serene
Like pardon for a grievous sin…
I need it man, all over my skin.

Speak to me kind- I’m in need of care,
in a tone so fine like baby hair,
As sweet and gentle as a prayer…
I need it man, and it’s time to play fair.

Speak to me light, like a kite on a string.
Like winter fading into spring.
Thank you, now and please, I think…
Just something darling, for the bee sting.

Like smoke arising from a warm fire,
Speak to me kindly, show me desire.
Are you as fluent in the language of love,
As you are in the tongue of a natural liar?

Speak to me easy now, let us not brawl.
We’re stuck out at sea, and in need of landfall,
Yet far from the worst things that could befall…
So speak to me tender, or say nothing at all.




picture by: Mariella 

Writer’s block

Writing books are staring
blankly up at me.
I get it man, you’re empty
Give me time, and I will
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